The Role of Animated explainer video in Business

The Role of Animated explainer video in Business

An animated explainer video is a short video to engage your online and offline audience. In most cases, an animated explainer video will usually explain what you do or what your company or product is about. Many companies worldwide use the power of animated explainer videos to simplify complex ideas and concepts for potential customers and clients. It helped them a lot in both increasing sales and building their brand.

Explainer videos have conquered the market with their popularity due to their easy availability and high efficiency in business development. Its main objective is to inform customers about the business and expand the brand in the intended market. The impact that video creates is always greater than that of text because it has a story to tell and is easy to relate to the audience.

What are animated explainer videos?

Animated explainer videos are compiled visual and audio illustrations that can be used to demonstrate a problem and its solution, present a process flow, or help customers understand complex data. They can also be used to systematically view a website or mobile application showing all the services the site offers or how to use the application.

Types of animated explanatory videos

Examples of animated explainer videos:

  • Animated character videos: These videos contain animated characters and are made from the customer’s point of view. These animated characters tell a story, explain the problem, and show how they can solve the problem.
  • Animated videos without characters: These types of videos use illustrated graphics and are good for showing the progress of the process.

Animated explainer video

  • Website and web application videos: These videos primarily use screen recordings, presented as a step-by-step systematic view of your website or web application. These videos are the best way to show customers what your services are like before they want to sign up and use those services.
  • Mobile app videos: These videos primarily use screen recordings presented as a systematic walk-through of your mobile app. These videos are the best way to show customers what your app does before they want to sign up and buy it.
  • Video charts are mostly informational videos made with numbers, text, and statistics, sometimes with built-in animations and sound effects. They are used to understand complex data by customers visually.

Benefits of using animated explainer videos

The main purposes of using animated explainer videos are, first of all, great marketing techniques. Second, they help increase business sales by increasing your popularity in the market. There is more chance of getting people’s attention by endorsing a product with a video than a product without.


Explainer videos with the most views rank higher, easily and instantly grab customers’ attention who want to quickly understand and purchase a particular product. They have the potential to create an instant connection with the target audience.

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