Basics of Interior Design

Basics of Interior Design

Interior designing basics can help transform an ordinary space into a space which looks attractive and extraordinary . When you walk into a space designed by hdb home renovation that is properly put together you know that it is well designed and it appeals to your senses. Whether it be your office home or any other space, the knowledge of interior designing combined with a little bit of experimentation can give a few beautiful results.

This knowledge can be used to transform your house as your house is the first place that people look at to gauge your designing capabilities. The functionality, style and aesthetic appeal of your house is a parameter to assess your designing skills.

Listed here are a few fundamentals of designing a space.


Balance is something that is needed in almost everything in life. Likewise, interior designing also needs good balance. a perfect equilibrium of textures, colours and symmetry. There are basically three categories of ways of creating a balance. When you are designing an Interior this will help you to make sure that your space looks picture perfect.

The first one being symmetrical balance. The Other asymmetrical balance and then comes radial balance. So what exactly is symmetrical balance?

Interior Design

Symmetrical balance

Symmetrical balance is perhaps the easiest of all this three you can easily give a space symmetrical balance all you have to do is make sure that the two ends of a particular space mirror each other and look symmetrical princess you can have two seeds on either sides of a table this is quite common in a lot of designs however a negative of this kind of symmetry is that it can look a little bit monotonous and boring

Asymmetrical Balance

Asymmetrical balance is that type of balance in which two sides of a space are not mirrored but their more complex making them more interesting.

Radial Balance

Radial balance just like the name goes radial balance indicates other elements within the radius of one main piece. In this kind of balance there is repetition of patterns and colours. For instance the simplest example is a dining table that has shares that’s around the table. This means that the dining table gives you radial balance.


Freedom is about repetition of textures and Colours for instance you can choose one colour and use it for an accent on the wall hausman the furnishing and then maybe in other things like the rug.

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