A Guide On The Best Alcoholic Drink Mixes For First-Timers

Alcoholic Drink Mixes

For a beginner, the ideal alcoholic drink selections are those with a low to moderate alcoholic strength that does not overload the drinker with a powerful alcohol taste. Beginner beverages should be flavorful and agreeable to the taste buds, without leaving a harsh or unpleasant aftertaste.

We’ve reviewed Wine, Beer, Spirits, Cocktails, Shots, and Cider in this post, and compiled a list of the best selections for the total newbie who wants to dabble in the world of alcohol. As a newbie, it might be difficult to know where to begin with alcoholic beverages because there are so many different types of alcohol and drinks to choose from. To make things a bit easier, we’ve selected the best drinks for novices.


Because white wines have a lighter body and are easier on the palate, they are ideal for beginners. If this is your first time drinking wine, the finest selections to start with are those that are rich in flavor, light-bodied, and sweet on the taste buds for easy drinking.


If you are a complete novice and have no idea where to begin or what a beer tastes like, it is recommended that you begin with a light beer with a low to moderate alcohol concentration before progressing to a heavier beer with greater alcohol content.

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There is a large variety of vodka on the market, and it might be tough for a novice to know where to begin. The next challenge is figuring out how to drink it – over ice, with a single mixer, or in a cocktail of your choice. All three methods are OK, but if you’re new to vodka, we recommend starting with a single mixer and some ice, or in a cocktail.


Whiskey is another drink that can make a novice’s head spin, and I’m not just talking about the taste. It can be difficult to know where to begin. We recommend starting with a single mixer.


There are many different gins on the market, but for a complete novice to gin-drinking, the easiest place to start is with flavored and unflavoured gins.


Rum can be drunk straight or with a single mixer or in a cocktail, but it can also be enjoyed with premium drink mixers or in a cocktail.


The best way to get started with tequila is to try it in a cocktail. Tequila Sunrises, Margaritas, and El Diablos are all popular tequila cocktails. Each of these cocktails is a delectable introduction to the world of tequila.


Brandy can be consumed straight or mixed into a drink. If you’re going to drink brandy neat, make sure it’s at room temperature and in a brandy snifter.