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In Singapore, you may choose from an extensive range of Tequila brands. In Singapore, you may get accurate and inexpensive booze online. Get free booze delivered to your door, with flexible payment options available to you. Place your order for your favorite alcoholic beverage right now. As the second-fastest growing alcohol in the world, tequila has earned a place in the spotlight after years of being dismissed as a cheap house party fuel. It isn’t only in Mexico that they are taking center stage; in Singapore, they have also become the talk of the town. So it’s time to buy tequila Singapore at Tequila Stop, the best place to buy alcohol online.

Key features of tequila

Several blue agave plants are gathered each year in the area surrounding Tequila, thanks to the volcanic soil that is exceptionally well adapted for cultivating this cactus-like plant.On the other hand, Mexican rules stipulate that tequila may only be manufactured in Jalisco and a few select districts in the states of Guanajuato, Michoacán Nayarit, and Tamaulipas.

Tequila sold in Mexico has an average alcohol concentration of 38 percent, higher than the national average. Tequila is created from the sugars contained in the blue agave plant, which is harvested in Mexico. When the plant’s core is roasted, the sugars may be removed and fermented, distilled, and sometimes aged before being used. Agave plants from the Jalisco highlands produce tequila that is typically sweeter and fruitier in taste, while those from the lowlands produce tequila that is more earthy in flavor.

The amount of time tequila is aged in barrels impacts the depth of color and strength of wood or oak character in the tastes of the finished product.Mezcal refers to a distilled liquor derived from the maguey (agave) plant in southern Mexico. In terms of technicality, tequila is a kind of mezcal; nevertheless, not all mezcals are tequila.To produce tequila, plants must be at least six years old and fully mature. However, plants planted in the highlands can take considerably longer to grow, sometimes as long as 12 years or more.The cultivation of tequila takes a significant period, in contrast to whiskey production, where the bulk of the time is spent in the maturing process of the spirit.


When the blue agave plant reaches maturity, it produces a single flower before dying. However, just as the plant is about to blossom, expert harvesters known as ‘jimadors’ cut off the branch using a sharp curved instrument known as a Coa, conserving the starch contained in the plant’s heart.

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