Welding Gloves- Savior from mishaps!

Back then, workers in the Construction and Building Sector used to face many dangerous situations while working. Any construction site would face umpteen deaths due to electrical shocks and welding sparks. The invention of welding gloves has been a boon to these workers. Here we bring you the details and specifications about welding gloves

  • Types

The primary material of any welding glove is leather from any livestock. Depending on the material involved, the gloves are sub-categorized into various types. TIG, Stick, and MIG are well-known types. TIG Welding gloves are made up of leather from goat and pig skins. These gloves have maximum protection on the fingers area. Stick Welding gloves are the hardest one out of all the gloves. It is made up of cow skin and grants maximum protection. MIG Gloves are made up of pig or deerskin and grant good protection with some flexibility.

  • Tests and Specifications

For a glove to last longer, the weariest parts need to have a good amount of leather. For instance, the fingers- thumb, metacarpus area. These areas are prone to get damaged easily due to their flexibility. Thus, these areas need to be secured. Usually, you need to pick up a coin to test a glove. Though all gloves come in one size, some companies have now started manufacturing small to extra-large sizes so that the workers can choose according to their preferences. Choosing a glove of your size will increase the productivity of your workspace. Some manufacturers are now introducing dust and moisture-resistant gloves to ensure no hassle to the worker.

  • Features

Welding gloves are usually modified to resist two forces- electricity and heat mainly. It works on the principle of an insulator, just like rubber gloves but is more effective than it. Thus, these are extensively used by electricians and lab technicians too. Nowadays, workers can modify and customize their gloves according to their preferences.

Apart from the above-mentioned basic features, the welding gloves that are produced now are even more modified than the usual ones. While opting to work on a construction site, a worker should not be petrified by the surroundings and should feel confident while working there. By wearing these gloves, no workers would feel scared about their life. Welding gloves are not a choice but a way of living. The companies manufacturing these gloves also strive to produce these gloves in the best way possible, ensuring no damage.

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