What Aspects to Consider in Buying a Swing Set

What Aspects to Consider in Buying a Swing Set

If you are planning to buy a swing set for your front or backyard, it helps to know its best features first. Swing sets have made many children happy during summer over the years. It’s the one thing that they look for in a yard, making it a part of everyone’s childhood. Read here for some tips when buying swing sets online:

First you have to decide if you are getting a wooden or metal swing set. The wooden swings are not the only best ones available. Metal swing sets can last for many years if they are handled well. Then you may proceed to considering the following factors:

The Right Size Area

Look for the right spot in the yard where you can put the swing set. Consider the space available for the swing and be mindful of the sizes of the children who will be using it.

Consider the Size of Your Family

Check if there is enough room for many kids to be on the swings at the same time. Is there enough room for other children to play around the swing set? Think about the direction of the sun and if there is sufficient space for other elements of the playground. Try to consider the ages of your kids and the impact of this on your investment in the years to come.

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Swing Set Installation

Most swing sets are pre-drilled and come encumbered with the hardware required for assembling them. You may hire a professional to install the set or do it on your own if you have the skills. Always consider a level field for setting up the swing set. Always allow at least six feet of space on all sides and make it clear of branches and wires.

Consider the Maintenance

Before buying one of the swing sets online, make sure to consider how it is cleaned and checked for hardware maintenance regularly. Wooden swing sets must be cleaned, stained, and sealed. Both wooden and metal swings must also undergo hardware check regularly to ensure that the bolts are tight. If you have metal swing sets, look for the areas where the powder coat finish may have turned rusty instead. Touch up this area with enamel paint.

Consider Safety at All Times

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in a year, more than 50,000 children are rushed to emergency due to accidents in playgrounds mostly from falling from the swing onto a hard surface. CPSC recommends play areas to have shredded rubber, wood chips, mulch, or a material designed for covering a play area. It’s better to read the manual the CPSC released on home playground safety. This will help families practice the proper installation and maintenance of a swing set.

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