How traveling can benefit you for life

How traveling can benefit you for life!

We have two people we can have a conversation with, someone who has been home for the vacation doing some gardening and reading and someone who is back from an exotic vacation in Cuba, doing some swimming with the dolphins there and tasting the authentic delicious cuisines from there. Who would you like to strike a conversation with? I’m sure you don’t want to hear boring stories about what is happening in town or get some unwanted gardening advice, you would rather love to know about things you don’t know already, things that make you curious!

You create memories for life that you treasure by traveling 

My friend’s granddad is a remarkable storyteller. He tells stories to us about how he traveled to a few different places and particularly about this experience of his when he learned to eat with chopsticks in China. He lived those memories every time he told us the story. He also mentions how he regrets not traveling more, especially when he was much younger. Because what we do when we are still young leaves an impression on us for the rest of our lives.

Regardless of the nature of the trip or the amount of time spent it will create memories that will last you a lifetime. Memories that you will cherish for life. Things that you will tell your grandchildren about.

When we travel away from home we miss home 

We love to leave home and go somewhere sometimes but what is ironic is we also look forward to coming back home. And when we do so, though we think everything is the same, life, the problems. What we will come to realize is we are not the same anymore. We have become wiser, full of knowledge, and new and better ideas to change things for the better.

When you are home for too long, seeing the same people, living the same routine life. You stop appreciating it. You may also feel stuck up and negative about everything. Traveling gives you a whole new perspective about the same things in life. You become more positive, learn to be grateful, and most importantly value everything and everybody around you.

Summing Up

Travelling makes you realize that the world is a great place to live in. It comes with its highs and lows. Nonetheless, it is meant to be cherished.

And they say it for a good reason, you will be more disappointed in life for things that you did not do and not about things you did, later in life when you look back and introspect.

PS: The money you spend on traveling does not make you feel guilty. It is an investment you have made for a better life and a better you!

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