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Classic Lash Extensions: Enhance The Properties Of Natural Eye Lashes

by Jakob Weber   ·  1 year ago  

The eye is among one of the most important organs present in the human body. It provides humans with the ability to visually capture, analyze and experience the world around them. Besides playing such an important role in the metabolic activity of a human being, the eyes are also one of the most beautiful organs. Poets have been writing and exclaiming about the depth, beauty, and ability of eyes to attract others, for centuries now. A group of hairs called eyelashes grows just above the eye around the eyelids. The biological function of eyelashes is to provide protection to the eyes from dust, dirt, and debris present in the environment potentially capable of damaging or causing infection to the eye. These lashes contribute significantly to the beauty of the eyes. Due to this reason, the modern cosmetic approach towards the eye is generally classic lash extensions.


Eyelashes prove to be the essence of the eye’s beauty. They provide an attractive and mesmerizing contrast between the eyes and the eyelids. This contrast is responsible for the innocence and depth of eyes that poets always seem to be wondering about. Though these are all the natural aspects of eyelashes, many people suffer from the problem of few eyelashes or no eyelashes at all. Classic lash extensions provide a solution to those people in making their eyes look more normal and attractive. These extensions are often used by people willfully to enhance the beauty of their eyes. An extension is the first and foremost approach of professionals towards eye cosmetics and beautification. The extensions are manufactured from raw materials such as mink, silk, synthetic, or horsehair. It is the property of raw materials that allow extensions to resemble natural eyelashes efficiently.

Effects of Lash Extension

With the usage of extensions as eyelashes, there are some instant effects that a person experiences and observes in themselves. These extensions are semi-permanent silk fibers that are applied on the natural eyelashes by gluing every strand of the fiber with a strand of natural eyelashes. The glue is specially formulated to provide an irritation-free experience to the users’ eyes. Some of the common effects and enhances of an eyelash extension are discussed below:

  • Length- Extensions allow users to achieve the desired eyelash length which helps in enhancing the beauty and attractiveness of the eyes.
  • Curl- With an increased length of lash hairs, they can be curled to gain even more attraction to the eyes.
  • Fullness- The application of extensions make the eyelash region look more full thus enhancing the charm of the eyes.

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