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Extend Your Living Space with a screen enclosure

by Jakob Weber   ยท  2 years ago  


Whether they’re at the front or the rear of the house, front and back porches may offer a lot of beauty and warmth to a property. A screened in porch in Springdale, AR is a welcoming space for visitors, as well as a beautiful location for everyone to congregate. The porch, which is often thought of as an extension of the home’s living area, is where we spend our leisurely summer days relaxing.

In a blink of an eye, winter will have arrived. If you think of converting that region into a stunning one, now is the time to start making preparations. Decks, screened porches, and patios are all in high demand. Consider the quality, pricing, and color of your porch screening materials in addition to the size of the mesh you use.

Add beauty and elegance to the home

When designing and constructing a screen porch for your house, you have several options to consider, including the screen’s color, style, and material. The primary purpose of constructing a screen porch is to protect insects, but you may also have aesthetic issues that must be addressed.The popularity of screened porches has endured for a reason, and they continue to be a popular addition to a variety of houses.

It would help if you didn’t assume that having a deck would prohibit you from adding an enclosed screened porch to your house; this is not true in most cases. If you have a large deck, you could even consider converting a section of it into a screened porch while leaving the rest of it open as a deck. Because of this layout, you may enjoy the seasonal advantages of both an open area and a sheltered place at the same time.

There is no better time than right now to begin planning and remodeling your patio or deck to optimize space and seclusion for your family and guests. To entertain outdoors without being exposed to the elements such as mosquitoes and chilly weather, outdoor screen rooms are a great option. You may increase the size of your living area while still enjoying a refreshing breeze without being directly exposed to the sun.


If possible, locate a screen porch near rooms that you regularly use, such as the kitchen. Eating meals on the porch becomes more convenient as a result of this. However, if you’re obstructing the sole source of natural light in the kitchen, you may want to consider placing it in front of a mudroom or laundry area that’s nearby.Take a portable space heater with you in case the weather becomes a bit too cold! In the summer, screened-in porches provide an ideal place for an impromptu family game night.

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