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Sour Diesel CBD: The Stronger Cannabis

by Jakob Weber   ·  1 year ago  

Sour Diesel CBD Buds are one of the most popular marijuana buds found on the market these days. The strain is Sativa dominant cannabis that only contains a small amount of THC and a large amount of CBD. Because of its ability to treat various medical conditions, it becomes more and more popular among people all around the world. This article will share information about the benefits you can get from consuming this strain along with other interesting facts you probably want to know about this bud.

What’s Sour Diesel?

As mentioned earlier, this bud is Sativa dominant (Sativa meaning uplifting effects while indica meaning sedating/relaxing effects). Its high CBD content makes it perfect for medical use while its low THC level provides a sedative and relaxing feeling, so you can still do your daily activities and not feel too tired or sleepy.

Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower

Sour diesel CBD does have an extremely pungent smell that reminds you of diesel fuel. It looks like a typical Sativa bud with many sticky resin crystals down to the stem. The strain is originated from Chemdawg 91 x NYC Diesel male. So it’s somewhat far from being pure Sour Diesel strain nowadays because there are other hybrids out there calling themselves Sour Diesel even though they don’t have the same genetics/effects as original Sour Diesel. It’s all mixed up in our sour diesel CBD world now!

The Effects of Sour Diesel CBD

Sour Diesel CBD provides you with uplifting effects, so it’s perfect to use during the day. You will feel happy and motivated when vaping this bud which is great if you’re suffering from depression or any kind of mood disorder. The strain can also give you relief from chronic pain along with other medical problems like arthritis, insomnia, etc.

How does Sour Diesel CBD make you feel? Sour Diesel CBD can help you relax but not too much that it would put your mind completely out of focus which is good because it doesn’t make you want to sleep or overdose after using it. At the same time, it won’t make you feel light-headed like pure sativas tend to do. However, if you consume this strain very late at night or too much, you may feel a little sleepy and relaxed the following day.

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