Strong Magic Mushrooms – Take You To Another World

Some species of fungi are known for producing hallucinations in humans. These types of mushrooms are commonly known as magic mushrooms. The main component which produces such effects in different mushrooms has a different percentage of the compound. This affects the effectiveness of the mushrooms. The mushrooms come in different shapes, colors, and sizes.Other than that, different varieties of mushrooms have a high percentage of Psilocybin. Those are termed strong magic mushrooms.

How do magic mushrooms affect your body?

Magic mushrooms are known to hack your mind and produce hallucinations. This can give you a break from your life and give you a little relief. It is often used as a medicine to deal with the conditions like Alzheimer’s and anxiety. The drug, after consumption, binds with the receptors of serotonin. Serotonin is known for the production of happy feelings. Hence, when the drug binds with the receptors, it leads to a sense of happiness and peace.

The mushroom also affects your senses. It leads to the production of visual and auditory effects. It can also boost your understanding. It enlightens the creativity in your mind. This can keep the depressing thoughts away by taking you to a different world. This is how the mushroom helps you attain mental stability by making you feel happy.

Magic mushrooms as medicine - Alcohol and Drug Foundation

What about the legality of the mushrooms?

The mushrooms are considered legal in some parts for medicinal use. Before buying the mushrooms, you need to check the law of your country. In some parts of the world, it is used in the production of medicine.

Which are the strongest species of mushrooms?

The strongest species of mushrooms are as follows:

PsilocybeAzurescens: It is one of the strongest strains of the mushrooms known now. The reach of the mushroom is widespread. It is a high concentration of Psilocybin which can give you the feeling of euphoria immediately.

PanaeolusCyanescens:The mushrooms are easy to grow and have good strength. Hence, they are widely used for producing hallucinations. They have a very high percentage of Psilocybin.

PsilocybeSemilanceata: The cap of the mushroom is bell-shaped. It makes the mushroom easily recognizable. It is grown in many countries. The common name of the mushroom is the liberty cap.

PsilocybeCyanescens: Apart from a high percentage of the compound, this species is widely known for its growth. The growth rate of the mushroom is very high.

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