The clear tape also called astransparent tape is used for many things such as ceiling, attaching and also joining and mending, it is a transparent, pressure sensitive tape which is usually user foradhesion, This step is used to repair tears in the papers and also attached pieces of paper or cardboard during moving and also packing. this step can be only used once on fragile paper if you want to remove the tape from the paper it will tear the paper or removes the top layer of the paper or remove the draft cardboard or any kind of smooth painted surface because it sticks to the cover, cardboard permanently so this occurs, if you are looking for a such clear tip online just visit the website Clear tape  where they provide you the excellent adhesive tape, they not only provide clear tapes but also provide various tapes like doublesided tips, fragile tapes etc

Clear tape

What are the various uses of clear tape

  • the clear tape is used to attach the tears in the paper so that you can read the sentences normally and also it is used for packing cardboards by sealing them properly so that they can be carried for longer distance
  • The main disadvantage of this clear adhesive tape is it sticks to the paper or cardboard on which it is sticked, so while removing the tape it is very difficult because it might tear the paper or remove the upper surface of the paper and also while removing some cardboard it happens in the same manner
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  • they also come in various thicknesses so it would be very beneficial so that the strength of the material varies from tape to tape and also you can select according to your choice and they also provide various other tapes such as masking tapes, double sided tapes, fragile tapes etc


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