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Things To Consider While Buying A New Dust Monitoring System

by Jakob Weber   ·  2 years ago  

Are you a veteran of a collection of dust? Then you must be aware that it goes far off into the maintenance, installation, and selection of the system than what other people might assume. But in case you recently ended up picking a responsibility for baghouse operations, you would probably be eager to know and learn as much as you can about all the considerations and tools.

You might think of choosing monitoring equipment as an uncomplicated compliance decision, finding the perfect system can help in providing benefits to many areas of the operations for a person, such as material costs and maintenance costs.

When choosing a monitoring technology, there is much more at stake than the compliance of air quality. It comes with a potential financial upside of maintenance efficiency and cost reduction similar to the consequences of a reportable event and the potential costs.

Important things to ask yourself when choosing a new Dust monitoring system 

You must know the right questions to take a step forward towards choosing the right dust monitoring system. Hereafter are a few things to consider while choosing one:

  • What is missing from your current system? 

Before you choose the right dust monitoring equipment for your applications, it is important to identify the weaknesses of your present compliance or monitoring system.

Certain things to consider while evaluating an existing system must include a close inspection of the following problematic areas:

  1. Reporting of challenges
  2. How well your present system works with other facility equipment
  3. The accuracy and sensitivity of your equipment
  4. Signal filtering effectiveness
  5. Scope of the triboelectric spectrum that has been thoroughly analyzed by an existing equipment
  • What makes the new equipment better for your needs? 

In addition to gaining knowledge about the weak points of your previous monitoring systems, it is advantageous to know as to what makes the current generations of the equipment more beneficial and what is so special about the new dust collection monitoring system when compared to the old one.

  • How to find the ideal system for your facility? 

Finding the ideal dust monitoring equipment for your special facilities and applications can simultaneously be a more complicated and much simpler process than you probably might expect it to be. The monitoring systems today are much more reliable and flexible when compared to the early generations. They are capable of performing at peak performance in any industrial environment and under any virtual circumstances.


You should prefer weighing the decision of buying a new dust monitoring equipment carefully as the negative and positive repercussions of the choice made by you would be felt throughout the operations. Choose wisely!

Bev Johnson