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Why choose a firm mattress

by Jakob Weber   ยท  1 year ago  

Many of our customers ask us: is a hard or soft mattress better ? There is no single answer, but a lot depends on the habits of those who use the mattress and on the night position.

Who do we recommend to take the firm mattress:

to those who have a body weight over 90 kg;

to those used to the old orthopedic spring mattresses of the past;

to those who sleep on their stomach or on their stomach;

to those who suffer particularly from the heat.

Beware of mattresses that are too firm firm memory foam mattress singapore.

When you try the mattress, do a little test. Lie down and try to put a hand behind your back. If you find a space at the height of the belly, it means that the mattress is too firm. Our advice is to avoid similar products because they risk being extremely uncomfortable and, especially for those who sleep on their stomach or side, painful for the shoulders and stomach.

Firm Memory Foam Mattress Singapore

It is therefore better to choose the mattress with the right stiffness. But which? Here is a small ranking of the best rigid mattresses on the market 100% made in Italy on which many Italians sleep every day.

A multi-wave mattress with a special memory fresh gel membrane for those who suffer from the heat in the summer months. It is a better support than traditional memory foam and which guarantees greater stiffness and support for the back.

It is removable and has a Greenfirst treatment on the cover that prevents bacterial and dust mite proliferation. It is a certified medical health facility, so it is possible to benefit from tax deductions on the tax return. It stands 22cm tall and is a firm double mattress with lots of great reviews.


As you can see in our firm mattresses ranking there is not even one of our pocket sprung mattresses. This is to show you that today, thanks to new technologies, you don’t necessarily have to choose the springs but there are various alternatives available.

All this obviously to help you sleep more peacefully, quietly and above all more comfortable. Are you looking for other double models? Choose from our double mattresses on offer . If, on the other hand, you have not yet decided which mattress to choose and you still have many doubts, then we recommend our guide on how to choose the mattress.

Bev Johnson