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The Life Celebrant – A Service Provider For The Final Act Of Service

by Jakob Weber   ·  1 year ago  

Offering your loved ones the last goodbye is all you can do after they are gone. And it should be meaningful and comprehensive with all the arrangements made accordingly in how he would have wanted. But to do all these arrangements required a lot of research and planning, and not everyone can spare time out of all the load that the deceased family is bearing.

There comes the TLC group, one of the most famous singapore funeral service providers, which helps you minimize the logistical matters that the family has to go through to wish the departed soul and stand beside the bereaved families who are providing often-forgotten psychological and emotional support.

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What services do they offer?

You can do several things for the bereaved family and the soul of the loved ones who are not with us anymore. However, a few things that are to be kept in mind are some things that need to be organized after the one has passed away, such as

  • Organizing shower of love – TLC group will organize a final act of service where you will shower the departed soul with all the love that he deserves, giving a final thanksgiving to express our grief and gratitude. And all the people around there remember their beautiful memories with the person who has left us.
  • Angel Star – When the one passes, one is a child, the whole family is under tremendous shock, and none in the family is in a condition to organize or plan an event to greet their loved child. TLC group recreated the scene most likely loved by the child and gave you a better-planned event to show your gratitude to the child.
  • The Life legacy – This event is organized for all the known who have been in touch with the person that is no more with us. The TLC group does all the seating arrangements and everything while the known can pitch their beautiful memories of them and the other loved ones who are not with them anymore and are watching from heaven.

Winding up the facts

Starting from planning an event to the end of a series of the event involving words of affirmations, gifts, physical touch, an act of service, and spending quality time with the family of the person who has passed away is done everything by TLC group and at a very reasonable price as they understand the weightage of the situation and would like you to give a final goodbye to your loved once in the way that he would have wanted.

Bev Johnson